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Technology Courses

Computer Game ProgrammingAP Computer ScienceMultimedia & Web DevelopmentRobotics

Computer Game Programming

9th-12th Grades • Semester, 0.5 Credit

Create fully-functioning computer games and animated stories. In the process, learn the fundamentals of computer programming including: computational thinking, conditionals, iteration, functions, and object oriented programming. You'll also learn to produce 2D & 3D graphics, animations, and audio. Students can also participate in the Oregon Game Programming Challenge. Beginners and experienced programmers are welcome. This course is open to all in 10th-12th grade, as well as 9th-grade students who demonstrate proficiency on a skill exam. Enrollment is limited.

AP Computer Science

11th-12th Grades • 1.0 Credit

Create a variety of entertaining, scientific, business, and logic-based computer applications. Learn the Java programming language and the funda¬mentals of computer science. Students will design, write, ana¬lyze, and document programs and subpro¬grams. You will also learn algorithms, data structures, and data abstraction. Equivalent to a comprehensive, first-semester college course. The AP Exam will emphasize programming in Java, programming methodology (including recursion), and procedural abstraction. This course is open to students who have a solid understanding of algebra II or pre-calculus. The course is designed to prepare students for the AP Computer Science exam in the spring. Depending on the AP exam score, some colleges will transfer in college credits or count it as completion of a pre-requisite.

Multimedia & Website Development

9th-12th Grades • Semester, 0.5 Credit

Express your creativity and communicate your ideas by creating interactive multimedia products and websites. Learn to create and publish images, animations, video and audio optimized for the Internet. Develop a customized, multi-page website and compile a portfolio of your work. The primary tools are Adobe Design and Web studios. This course is designed for beginners, but still offers much to those who demonstrate proficiency on a skill exam. This course satisfies the communications credit requirement. 1 semester.


9th-12th Grades  Semester, 0.5 Credit

Design, build, and program robots. This is a lab-based course where teams of students construct increasingly complex robots with motors and sensors. You'll learn to implement control logic so your robot can independently navigate a maze, climb a wall, among many other functions. In addition, you will evaluate industrial, medical, and scientific applications of robotics. Students can also participate in the Oregon First Tech Challenge. Beginners and experienced designers welcome. Open to all in 10th -12th grade, as well as 9th grade students who demonstrate proficiency on a skill exam. Enrollment is limited

Technology and Media Arts

Semester, 0.5 Credit

Technology and Media Arts allows students to be creative and express themselves through images, audio, video and digital illustration. Students, individually and through group projects, will conceive and create works of visual and media arts that demonstrate the communication of their ideas. Many of the projects created for this class will be viewed by our school community or other authentic audiences. Students will have the opportunity to take on the role of producer, creative manager, technical director, communications or talent. This course satisfies ½ Fine Arts credit. 1 semester.

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